TriPeakz! is a visually appealing card puzzle in which you must select cards from peaks to create descending or ascending orders until all cards are exhausted.

Card puzzles are still present in this game, but there is a new feature. On the tops, the cards are arranged at random. Choose cards from these tops as you go. You must arrange it in accordance with the guidelines, though. The given card must be placed first in either descending or ascending order with the other cards. When all the cards are sorted, you will succeed and advance to the next level. The rules are simple. Discard all cards from the playing field to the bottom card. Click the card you want to move higher or lower than a card that is already open at the bottom. To undo your previous move, press the UNDO button. The HINT button demonstrates the ability to move. The gameplay is extremely addictive, once you start, you can't stop. If you are more interested in the card game genre, you can experience some of our other outstanding games such as Triple Jack, Pandjohng Solitaire, and Tingly Solitaire.


  • Interesting and enjoyable gameplay
  • Various levels with a wide range of difficulties
  • simple controls and mechanics

How to play

Use a mouse or touchscreen.