Text Twist 2


Text Twist 2 is a challenging puzzle game. In this game, your mission is to find the words based on the given letters and pass the next round.

This is a game that helps you train your brain as well as help you increase your vocabulary. Balloons with letters will appear on the screen. Your task is to put the letters together to form meaningful words. The words you find do not necessarily include all the letters given. It can have three letters, four letters, or five letters in a word. Find all the words you know when the letters appear. Your time is limited by the timer. Find all the terms and fill the empty cells in the top table. Then, you can complete the mission and move on to the next round.

You need to click on the balls with letters so that they are arranged to form a word. Once done, press the Enter button to check if your word is correct or not. Then you continue to find other letters. If you feel stuck, you can press the Twist button for hints. It will help you see new words. Press the Clean button to delete everything just sorted. Or you can press the Last button to return to the previous step of the arrangement.

You can both entertain and train through this game. You will try complex tasks that will help improve your vocabulary and memory. You will not be limited in the number of words you can search. It can be said that this is an effective way to learn vocabulary. How many new words can you find? Join the game now.

Features of Text Twist 2

  • There are many different rounds for you to try.
  • Helps train memory and increase vocabulary.
  • There is a timer.
  • There are suggestions for you when you get stuck.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to play.