Classic Solitaire Deluxe


Classic Solitaire Deluxe is a great solitaire game. Your target is to transfer all cards in the tableau to four foundations and gain the highest possible score.

Get ready to step into the world of classic solitaire. Use your strategy to move all cards in seven columns on the tableau to four foundations. Each foundation must be in a suit and arranged in the ascending order from Ace to King. Note that the top cards in each column are available for gameplay. You can arrange the cards on the tableau in descending sequence and in alternating colours. Flip the top card of the stockpile if you are unable to continue. Use the Undo button to reverse the previous action. Although there is no time limit in this game, try to clear all the cards in the shortest time and gain the highest possible score. How long can you win the game?

Features of Classic Solitaire Deluxe

  • Easy control
  • Excellent graphics and melodic music

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play