Addiction Solitaire


Addiction Solitaire is a card game where you have to arrange 4 number 2 cards to be moved to the leftmost column, with each row standing up matching the right.

How to Play Addiction Solitaire:
- After the cards are dealt, each of the ace cards is removed, leaving four blank positions.
- Move one of the highlighted cards into one of the blank spaces until all of the Addiction Solitaire cards are arranged from 2 to King.
- Although one card can fill a blank spot, it must have a higher value and be of the same suit as the card to its left.
- A card cannot be moved to an empty space with a king or to another empty space to the left.

Addiction Solitaire Tips:
-During each game, you can reshuffle the solitaire deck three times. However, it is recommended that you keep them for as long as possible.
- Blank slots to the right of each King should be avoided in general.
- You'll want each row's ordering pace to be roughly the same. Finishing a row ahead of the others results in an empty position.
- There is a deceptive 10-minute time limit, which may appear to be excessive. However, in the battles of Addiction Solitaire, time will fly by.