Solitaire Garden


Solitaire Garden is a TriPeaks solitaire game with over 800 levels with a level-based difficulty and high-quality graphics and entertaining storyline.

You've inherited a large manor in this card game. The property is massive, and it has the potential to be everything you've ever wanted... as long as you can make the necessary repairs. The mansion and its once-beautiful garden require urgent renovation!

You can complete the TriPeaks puzzle challenges and repair your new home with the assistance of your friend, Alice. She'll walk you through the game's controls with a brief in-game tutorial. Solve the levels by arranging the cards correctly. By selecting cards that are one point higher or one point lower than the previous card you've played, you can remove them from the table and place them in the discard pile.

If you can't remove any more cards from the table, turn over a new one and place it on top of the discard stack. You can now attempt to match the remaining cards with this one. However, you only have a limited number of spare cards, so use them wisely!