Euchre is a card game that brings an interesting playing space for you. You will use your smart strategy and choose suitable cards to defeat the opponents.

Four players were divided into two teams to play. The members of the opposing side will be seated on your left and right so that you will be seated across from your partner. Only 24 cards, including the aces, kings, queens, jacks, 10, and 9 of each suit, are used in the game. Additionally, each round has five "tricks," or turns. Players deal one card to the table each turn. The card with the highest value takes the trick. If your side wins most of the tricks in a round, you must score points for your team. Additionally, you win the game if your team scores the winning points first.

The rules of Euchre

One card is played by the starting player to lead the first trick. The first turn is initiated by the player to the dealer's left. Each turn is called a "trick." You can choose any card you want to play with, and the suit of the card becomes the lead suit.

Take turns clockwise around the table. You can play any other card you have, including a trump card, if you do not have a card in your hand that matches the lead card. Play a card with a higher value than any previous cards that have been played if you wish to win the trick. You can play lower-valued cards if your teammate has previously played a high-ranking card in a trump or the lead suit because your team is already likely to win.

Check to see who placed the card with the highest ranking after everyone has played one card to the trick. If no trump cards revealed, who has highest-ranking trump is the winner. Otherwise, the highest card in the lead suit wins. All played cards are allowed to be taken and placed face-down in a pile in front of you if you hold the highest card.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.