Spider Classic


Spider Classic is an interesting game that requires your calculating skill. You need to put the cards into one column and they have to be in order.

If you have great calculating skills, show it on the Spider Classic game. In this game, you have to put the cards which sort from largest to smallest and vice versa into a column. One more thing, the cards in these columns must be the same suit. There are many cards, so you have to calculate carefully to arrange the cards in the correct places. If you can not put any cards together anymore, you can take some cards from the left corner of the screen. The finish time and move are endless, but they affect your score. Moreover, you can change the theme, card set, card back, or even background. There are three modes to play (1 suit, 2 suits, and 3 suits) which have many different levels for you.

Let's come to Spider Classic to have fun and show your skill. The children can also play the game to practice their calculating skills. Good luck!

Features of Spider Classic

  • The classic game attracts many players
  • Endless time and moves
  • Change the appearance like themes, care set, card back, and background.

How to control

  • Press and move your mouse to pick the cards and move them