2048 Solitaire


2048 Solitaire is a traditional solitaire card game. The aim of the game is to make all the cards disappear by adding them correctly. Try to get the 2048 card

In Solitaire 2048, you will be enthralled by the adventures of math and its never-ending quest to add numbers together in order to build greater numbers, and hence the number 2048. Does that sound simple? You're probably thinking,'sure, why not just add 1024 to 1024 and you'll get 2048 by golly.' Yes, that would be simple, but our specialists advise us that it would not be enjoyable. And we pay these folks for their intelligence! They all went to school for this, and we are grateful to them for their hard work, sacrifice, and progressive vision.

Solitaire 2048 is a game in which you add cards of the same suit to make a larger number and eventually a number like 2048. But here's the catch: you'll be given a variety of columns to which you can put the cards. It's not just one, and that's really the point of the game. The difficult thing is that once you place a card, you cannot remove it, so think swiftly and plan properly. You have a limited number of discards per game, so use them wisely or you'll be stuck with no moves left. Best wishes!


  • A card game modeled around Twenty48 Solitaire.
  • The gameplay is simple and enjoyable.
  • Cards with vibrant colors
  • four card slots


To move a card, hold down the left mouse button.