Cookie Clicker City


Cookie Clicker City is an entertaining idle clicker game with a baking theme. Begin by clicking on the screen to make cookies and see how many you can bake.


Start the game's cookie-baking process and advance from a novice confectioner to a master baker.

The player gets one cookie for each click on the enormous cookie on the screen. If you have enough cookies, you can buy upgrading goods like cursors, grandmas, farms, mines, factories, and banks that let you produce cookies without having to click a button, allowing you to automate the process.

With each upgrade, prices climb exponentially, costing 15% more than the most previously bought asset of the same type.

  • Cursor: Every 10 seconds, auto-click on the cookie.
  • Grandma: Please assist you in baking more cookies. Each Grandma makes one cookie every second.
  • Grow your cookie plants on the farm. Every second, each farm produces 8 cookies.

Furthermore, more upgrading items are concealed throughout the game.

Some upgrade items increase the number of clicks. With each click, you can bake more than one cookie.

Playing Cookie Clicker Strategy:

Early on in the game: Investing in new upgrade items is always preferable to making high-level modifications to the initial, cheaper upgrade. It is advised to get cursors because they will be effective right away. You can determine how many cookies are required for a successful upgrade by contrasting each upgrade item. You'll become more effective if you use this knowledge to locate 25 grandmothers, 15 farms, and 15 mines.

Midway through the game: This is the time to leave the game alone and let it finish. Instead of investing in an update that would be excessively expensive and take an excessive amount of time to accomplish, try to buy more affordable items that produce cookies at the highest productivity. You can pass the time by doing something else and coming back with lots of cookies to spend on upgrades.

The most expensive update purchases are frequently on people's minds in the late game. Use updates to raise their cookie production further because the rest of the game will be inactive. Late in the game, consider going inactive in order to concentrate on important transactions for updates and achievements. Use the % method by letting cookies sit inactive for a while before using them for important updates.

The greatest option isn't always the one that seems most clear. To get the most out of your upgrade, think about upgrading your purchase.

How to play:

  • Select the giant cookie on the screen.
  • Purchase upgrades to increase the worth of each click.