Spidike Solitaire


Spidike Solitaire combines Klondike and Spider Solitaire into one card game. The goal is to stack four foundation heaps in ascending order from Aces to Kings.

You must deconstruct the cards and arrange them on the matching word aces and up to six in order during the game. The map is in the pile on the screen, and you must drag and drop them to shrink. You must place a red card on a black background in this situation, and vice versa. If you run out of moves, you'll be able to open a card and gain some sort of deck help. So you fold this solitaire one step at a time.

Move all of the cards from Ace to King to the four top foundations. Build down the tableau regardless of suit. A set of cards that are down and in suit can be moved together. To deal fresh cards to the tableau, click the stock (top left).