Spider Solitaire 2 Suit


Spider Solitaire 2 Suit is the upgraded version of the Spider Solitaire series. You must arrange two card decks to create the descending order for each suit.

Welcome to the world of cards, where you can experience challenges to improve your skills and abilities in playing cards. This game is a perfect combination of entertainment games and IQ games because you have to create and use your own strategies to complete the game's goal. Your task is to arrange all of the cards in Tableau in descending order and move them to the Foundation. Note that you need to arrange cards following the same suit in one deck. For example, you need to arrange all cards of diamonds in the required order before removing them. Once you've finished a sequence, it'll be immediately added to the Foundation, and you may move on to the next one. You don't win until you've cleared all of Tableau's cards.

You can see some terms such as Tableau and Foundation above. However, can you master all terms in this game? Follow the information below to grasp all rules of Spider Solitaire 2 Suit:


Tableau is the main area where the matches take place. There are 54 cards for a total of 104 cards. They are placed in ten columns, and each column's top cards are always dealt face up.


All 104 cards are sorted by color and stacked in eight piles from King to Ace in the Foundation.


This section contains the 50 cards that haven't been dealt with yet. When you touch on this Stock, each column will receive a new card. Before the cards are dealt, each column must have at least one card. There are no redeals in this game.

Deal from the Stock of cards:

  • When you can no longer move any cards, you must deal from the Stock of cards to take new cards. This is only possible if each column has at least one card. So, before you deal, be sure you've filled in all the gaps.
  • After grasping all these terms, let's enjoy the exciting game! You can move cards to the column of other cards that are one point higher in value, regardless of color. For example, a card Queen of Hearts can be placed on a card King of Diamonds. However, The Foundation only receives columns after arranging following the same color and suit. As a result, sorting the cards by color as much as possible before starting the game is a good idea.
  • The mechanics are simple but difficult to play because it demands far more strategy and concentration than normal. If you don't win the first time you play this game, don't get discouraged. Let's practice more to become a master!

Tips to play

  • Try to get as many vacant columns as possible and use them as temporary storage for moving cards from other columns. Use the undo button to go back and try another column. Divide columns into two categories: work stacks and garbage stacks. Keep your work stacks orderly and use them to piece together sequences. Cards that are no longer usable are discarded in the rubbish bin.
  • Try to construct cards of the same suit whenever you can.
  • Even if it means building a column of mixed-suited cards, try to make the cards face up.
  • If you can not create cards of the same suit, consider making mixed-suit cards.
  • Try not to use other options, such as dealing cards from Stock or undoing the move.

How to play

  • Undo: Use to undo a move.
  • Hint: To get a hint
  • New: To play a new game
  • Restart: Restart the current game

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