Tingly Solitaire


Tingly Solitaire is a fun solitaire game. There are three card modes, as well as three difficulty levels. It appeals to both casual and experienced players.

Rearranging the cards in the deck according to type is required in the classic Tingly Solitaire game. You have the option of moving the cards in the field's stacks or drawing fresh cards from the top. The only order in which the cards on the playing field may be stacked is King, Queen, Jack, 10, 2, and Aces. The cards may not be stacked in any other order. You must play all cards, starting with Aces, 2, 3,... up to the King, in order to completely clear the field.

How to play

  • Your objective in Tingly Solitaire is to transfer every card from the seven main piles, known as the tableau, to the foundation spaces in the top right corner of the screen. From Ace to King, the cards must be stacked in the foundation in four piles, one for each suit.
  • To arrange the cards on the tableau in stacks of decreasing value, use your mouse to click and drag them across the board. Be careful where you place the cards because you can only stack them in alternating colors. Click the deck in the top left corner if you have run out of moves using the cards on your tableau. You will either draw one or three cards from the deck, depending on the level of difficulty you chose for the game. Make your move using the first card you are dealt. Continue drawing cards until you can make a move if the first one doesn't fit anywhere on your board.