Drift 3


Drift 3 is an engaging driving game in which you have to drive a car against other players. Drive through difficult milestones and reach the finish line to win

If you enjoy automobile driving games, particularly those with a drifting theme, this game is great for satisfying your craving. Drift 3 is a new version of the series of drifting games. In addition to the main principles of one drifting game, these factors are expected to provide you with thrilling and fascinating experiences. Let's look at these characteristics!

Your goal is to steer an automobile across all challenging roads while battling other gamers. Stay away from sinking into the void. Try to go as long as you can and eliminate your opponents by smashing them and knocking them out of the way.In addition, the drift game structure is quite simple and easy to control. To steer your car, you must click the left mouse button. Hold the mouse to turn right or left. Release to return.

Features of Drift 3

  • The fun game has some new features.
  • attractive and challenging multiplayer gaming
  • competition including eight players and car drifting
  • endless races until a victor is found

How to control

The left mouse button can be used to change the direction of your car.