Classic Solitaire Blue


Classic Solitaire Blue is a modernized version of the classic card game Classic Solitaire. This game is for all Solitaire fans! Enjoy this masterpiece of a card game!

Classic Solitaire Blue is a timeless card game presented in a stylish, modern setting. It complies with the player's requests that the "traditional" and the "modern" be wed. It provides hours of brain-teaser enjoyment and the Classic Solitaire gameplay we all love along with a soothing soundtrack. This is a must-play for all fans of Solitaire, especially when combined with the beautifully polished graphics that Softgames Solitaire games are renowned for! Enjoy this masterpiece of a card game! This game is designed for anyone who enjoys and is interested in similar genres such as Daily Solitaire Blue, Spider Solitaire Blue, and FreeCell Blue.


  • It is a straightforward task.
  • Both the left and right sides have been changed.
  • This animation is stunning.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of mobile media players.

How to play

The piles on either side of the playing area need to be filled with your hand. Set the draw size before you begin drawing cards. One card is harder than three, and three cards are more challenging than one. You can use a card's value by turning it over. It can be included in a pile of cards that are the same color or a different color. It is crucial that the cards are set up so that the values are shown in descending order. With the ace serving as the cornerstone, each stake will require a unique arrangement. You may arrange the cards in any of the seven columns if their rank and colors match. Enjoy your good fortune!