FreeCell Blue


FreeCell Blue is an excellent way to play one of the most well-known computer card games, FreeCell.Let's play and get the highest score as possible.

This game offers a simple and straightforward approach to enjoy this classic title while also challenging your wits and endurance. The same basic principles apply: from Ace to King, you must stack four distinct suits (Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds).
You must, as usual, try to sort through the random cards at the top of the board to get the numbers you need. To test how many times you can conquer FreeCell, try to finish the game as rapidly as possible. What's the quickest you can sign up for this timeless classic?


  • Blue board is available for free play.
  • You can check how many moves and how long it took to complete a game.
  • Moves can be undone.


  • Drag left mouse button to move a card.