Daily Solitaire Blue


Daily Solitaire Blue is a Klondike card game with two gameplay options. Tap the calendar to play Daily Challenge mode and get started with second matches

Daily Solitaire Challenge offers a pleasant online solitaire experience. Follow the daily card game matches, finish them to get gold scores on each page of the calendar, and become the solitaire champion! Finish games within a time limit to score higher and win tournament cups!

You may now visit this online version of the all-time favourite card game on a daily basis to enjoy daily matches! Log in every day to play the unique game of the day, complete it with the greatest score, and win the golden cup! Keep track of your games by adding your scores to the calendar! You can also return to prior dates' games to avoid leaving any blank pages. To do so, go to the daily challenge page and select a date. Return to prior months to see even more of these challenges and to participate in years of solitaire sessions! To acquire alternate matches with randomly dealt cards, go to the main menu and press the start button. Choose between two game modes with varying game difficulty and race against the clock. If you run out of moves, remember that you may always reset with one click and try again. Feel free to ask for hints!

How to play Daily Solitaire Blue?

The goal is to stack the cards in the tableau's seven columns in descending order. When stacking cards in this card game's tableau, you must alternate between the red (hearts and diamonds) and black suits (spades and clubs).

Locate the Aces and place them in the four empty cells on the left of the tableau. These are the piles for the foundation. In this case, you must arrange the cards in ascending order by suit. If you're stuck for ideas, try tapping the HINT button (the little light bulb in the bottom right corner).

After you've drawn all of the cards from the deck and arranged them in the tableau, the autocomplete option will appear. The remaining cards will then be automatically moved to the foundations. If you like, you can do it by hand.