Solitaire Seasons


Solitaire Seasons is a solitaire game that has over 2000 different puzzle levels to train your brain. Complete the levels by arranging and clearing the cards.

It's simple to play Solitaire Seasons - Card Game! You can easily learn how to play this Solitaire Seasons card game by simply completing a card draw tutorial. If you love Solitaire games, try Tingly Solitaire to gain more experience when solving these difficult puzzles.


  • Play, Plant, and Harvest your farm crops to earn free bonus cards!
  • Solitaire levels number over 2000, and there will be many more soon.
  • daily missions and fun game modes!
  • Beautiful themes and amazing graphics!

How to play

In the card game Solitaire Seasons, one or more decks of cards are arranged on the table in various inventive configurations. The top layer of cards is turned face-up, but the majority are arranged face-down. To move every card from the tableau to the discard pile is your goal. Any card that has a value that is either one point higher or one point lower than the card you just played may be played. You can turn over the face-down cards and make them playable by gradually removing the top layer of cards from the deck. You can draw a spare card from the stack at the bottom of the screen and try to start a new sequence if there are no more playable cards in the tableau. To remove your drawn card from the game, choose the cards whose values are one higher or one lower than your drawn card. To complete a level, you must remove every card from the board without running out of cards in your stockpile.