Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures


Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures is an extremely attractive solitaire card game for you. Complete each level to gain access to new solitaire adventures!

Play the enjoyable solitaire card game Mr Bean Solitaire Adventures. Join him on his journey across the country and experience the energy of cities like New York, Honolulu, San Francisco, and New Orleans, among many others, in his all-new solitaire card game. By tapping or clicking on the appropriate card in the ascending or descending direction, you can stack your cards in the proper order. If you have two suits or a set of four sticks and three sticks in your hand, you can pair them with either of them. Are you prepared to meet the obstacles and travel to interesting locations with Mr. Bean? You can discover more card games such as Poker World, Solitaire Grand Harvest, Kings and Queens Solitaire TriPeaks don't miss these.

How to play

To stack your cards correctly, either ascending or descending, tap or click on them. You can match three of the clubs with a two of any suit or a four of any suit if you have one.


Use the left mouse button to stack cards.