Solitaire Grand Harvest


Solitaire Grand Harvest is a hybrid of traditional Solitaire and farming simulation. You will plant trees on the farm and take care of your animals.


  • Each time you begin a new level, your goal will be to clear all of the cards from the screen in order to harvest crops and earn coins. The tricky part about playing this game is that you must select each card in numerical order, which sometimes requires some planning and strategy.
  • Every time you turn over a new card, there's a chance you'll get a valuable wild card. As an example, you could be dealt a wild card that grants you extra grain. Flipping over each mystery card to reveal a new card is definitely part of the excitement of playing Solitaire - Grand Harvest.
  • While you can wait until you find a wild card during a level, you can also use the coins you earn during each level to purchase wild cards.
  • After you've completed the first hundred levels, you'll notice that the subsequent levels become increasingly difficult. If there is a level that you find extremely difficult and become stuck on, you will be able to use a power-up to help you beat the level so that you can finally move on to the next level.
  • Just remember to use your power-ups wisely because they are scarce and should be saved for particularly difficult levels.

How to play

Use the mouse to flip the cards.