Mahjong Duels


Mahjong Duels is a fantastic traditional Chinese game of skill and strategy! As a Chinese master of the game, enter the arena and match your mystical tiles!

Try to find and match identical symbols for bamboo, dragons, and other elements to defeat your friends in epic duels. Explore the board in all directions, touching the pairs, and clearing the board to find tile matches. Remember that you can't match the hidden tiles until the tops of the towers are cleared. Despite not visually matching, the bonus tiles (season & spring flower) can form pairs with any other tiles of their kind. Unlock thrilling new levels, win big game after big game, and participate in amazing competitions.

Compete against players from all over the world to become the newest legitimate Mah Jongg King or Queen! Numerous difficult levels with beautiful, classic jigsaw puzzles to exercise your brain. Get ready to start an epic mahjong adventure filled with endless puzzles to solve and trails to discover and explore. The use of power-up boosters increases your chances of defeating master or legend players and can be extremely helpful in deciphering the mysteries of more difficult mahjong levels and layouts. You can also refer to Mahjong Toy Chest with the same Mahjong genre, hope it will satisfy your passion.

How to play

There are 144 tiles in each Mahjong tileset. There are 4 Flowers, 4 Seasons, and 136 matching tiles. Depending on the tileset you choose, the actual tiles will change, but each set preserves the same groups and relationships. There is always a visual connection between the tiles in each group, even though the Flower and Season tiles don't exactly match. Any Flower tile can be matched with another Flower tile, and any Season tile can be matched with another Season tile.