Mahjong Toy Chest


Mahjong Toy Chest is an interesting puzzle game that combines nicely with Mahjongg. Match the same cards to win different levels in the game.

The rules:

The player must find matching tiles in a randomly generated layout and select them to make them disappear pair by pair until no tiles remain on the screen. Every Mahjongg Toy Chest game requires you to clean the box of toys level by level, with each level presenting you with a new set of shuffled tiles.


Colourful visuals, great music, and memorable sound effects all contribute to the gameplay and enhance the overall experience. The drawings on the tiles are clear, and even a child could find matching pairs of soccer balls, hearts, books, cars, and other recognizable shapes. The best part is that anyone can play Mahjongg Toy Chest online on Kevin Games without having to install it on their device!

If this is your first time hearing about Mahjongg Toy Chest, you should play it right away: it is one of the best Mahjongg games available and is guaranteed to keep your attention and captivate your mind for as long as you want. It is equally enjoyable for both children and adults and is not stressful in any way. Make every effort to keep your Mahjongg Toy Chest clean and clutter-free!

How to play

Use the mouse to connect the cards.