Fruits Solitaire


Fruits Solitaire is a pure skill puzzle game in which you must match two identical fruits to harvest fruit. Collect all of the fruits by pairing them up.

There are 41 levels in this game. You'll get coins for completing each level. You receive bonus coins for completing levels with the fewest moves possible in order to earn more coins. Cards with multiple uses are available in the store for coins. Your session may be extended by the first card in the store. The cards are displayed face-up in the second. The third one awards you twice as many points. The Joker is the fourth card. You receive five extra cards from the fifth one. We would like to recommend a few other games for your reference such as Triple Jack, Gaps Solitaire, and Easthaven.

How to play

This game allows you to tap for automatic placement of the card you want to move or drag the card manually to arrange it in descending order with alternating colors. To sort all the suits from Ace to King, move cards up to the foundation of the board.

There are 2 modes

  • Easy: You simply draw each card in a simple way
  • Hard: Drawing three cards at the same time is the harder level for you