Eight Off Solitaire


Eight Off Solitaire is a solitaire card game, trying to complete all four suits in the platform, starting with the Ace and working its way up to the king.


The goal of Eight Off Solitaire is to fill the foundation with all four suits, starting with the Ace and working your way up to the King.

How to play Eight Off Solitaire:

All 52 cards of a standard deck of playing cards are dealt face-up when the game begins. Six cards are dealt into each of the tableau's eight columns, with the remaining four cards being dealt into the free cell area's leftmost four cells.

A card can be moved back and forth between the tableau and the free cell area by the player. A single card can be moved to an empty free cell at any time.

One of the most important rules of Eight Off Solitaire is that when a column becomes vacant, it can only be filled with any suit's King. The King can be found in either the free cell area or the pile's bottom card. A card that isn't a King can't be moved into an empty column. (Note that any rank can be used to fill a column in Easy Eight Off Solitaire.)

A King can only be placed into a vacant column when moving from a free cell to the tableau. A non-King can only be moved onto the lowest card in a pile that is the same suit as it and is next in rank. The Four of Spades, for example, could only be moved from a free cell to the bottom of a pile's Five of Spades.

A card may be moved to the foundation from a free cell or the bottom of a pile if it is an Ace, which starts a suit build, or the next in rank for its suit, which extends one. A card can also be moved from the foundation to a free cell or to the tableau.