Classic Mahjong


Classic Mahjong is a mahjong game with traditional rules and tiles. Test your memory and enjoy a relaxing game of mahjong online at your own pace.

Classic Mahjong is a traditional Chinese board game. According to legend, Confucius invented the game in 500 BC. The board is filled with 136 tiles depicting Chinese characters and symbols. To win, the player must remove all of these tiles from the board. You can play the same Mahjong genre as Mahjong Toy Chest, take on challenges and complete the levels of the game.

Classic Mahjong is a difficult puzzle game with 144 tiles divided into three suits. The primary suits are as follows:

  • Dots - feature circles
  • Bamboo - feature lines
  • Characters - feature Chinese characters

The honor and bonus tiles, such as flower and dragon tiles, are mixed together in this version of Classic Mahjong.

Although many of the tiles are visually similar, there are some minor differences. To find identical pieces that match, you must keep your mind alert and concentrate on identifying the differences.

Matching tiles

Mahjong is challenging because pieces that have both of their sides blocked cannot be moved. Therefore, only Mahjong tiles that have at least one of their left or right sides free can be matched. Starting at the top of the pile and working your way down is helpful.

Using hints

Classic Mahjong has unlimited hints, and you can shuffle the board at any time if you get stuck. In contrast to Classic Mahjong games with time limits and no tips, this one is a welcome change. In this puzzle game, you can really take your time and consider your options.