Super Mario Solitaire


Super Mario Solitaire is a classic game with the perfect combination of a free solitaire game and the most famous character of all time Mario.

In the game Super Mario Solitaire, you will test your skills and agility. Give your all to reach the top of the best players because that is the only way to demonstrate to everyone that you are capable. In this game, all you need is a mouse to move the cards around. You will need agility in this game because if you meet your goal quickly, you will have a chance to enter the top of the best players. You must dial the four book groups, collecting all the cards in ascending order of colour. Although it appears to be simple, do not jump to conclusions because the game is quite difficult and you must train as long as you manage to finish the game quickly. In this game, you must always write instructions in the centre of the screen to know what to do. You must pay close attention to every move in order to avoid becoming stuck and complete the game as quickly as possible. You play with some very nice books that have pictures of Mario and his friends on them. Because the game is quite difficult, we must try several times until we successfully complete the objective and have the opportunity to become a top player.

How to play

use the mouse.