Spit Card Game


Spit Card Game is an exciting card game. In this game, your objective is to beat your opponents by clearing all cards on your tableau first.

At the start of the game, you have to choose your opponent. Next, your rival and you need to draw two cards in the stockpiles and place them on two discard piles. Then, your mission is to transfer all cards on your tableau to two discard piles first. The card you attempt to move must be one higher or one lower in rank than the top card of one of the discard piles. Suit and colour don't matter. Within the tableau, you can move a card from one column to another column as long as they have the same value. An empty space on the tableau can be filled by any card. When there are no more possible moves left, your opponent and you can flip two cards in the stockpile. This game requires fast hands to win. You are victorious if you can clear all cards on your tableau before your rival does that. After getting a victory, you are allowed to choose one of the discard piles. The cards you choose will be shuffled and distributed again. After that, the new round starts.

How to win Spit Card Game:

  • Be fast to move the card
  • Try to clear a pile on the tableau as quickly as possible
  • Be patient when you run out of moves.

How to control:

Use the mouse to play