Solitaire Zero21


Solitaire Zero21 is a relaxing solitaire game. Collect all the number cards on the board while keeping your total from 0 to 21. Join and conquer every level!

Despite the name, the game has little in common with the more well-known Solitaire games. The goal is to collect all of the numbered cards on the board. Each time a card is chosen, its value is deducted (or added) from the overall. It's best to keep the total as close to 10 as possible, but occasionally it's worth taking a chance! Play your cards wisely to come out on top! To earn gems and move on to the next round, finish a round. To play the cards, simply click on them.

Collect all the number cards on the board and progress through 75 unique levels. To make sure that the total of the card numbers in front of them does not exceed twenty-one, players must rely on the numbers and mathematical symbols provided by the playing cards. Remove all of the cards. You have access to every game.

How to play

Pick cards from the stacks, but don't go beyond 21. You can use special cards, - or + cards, or a combination of both, but the value of your card at the bottom must always be between 0 and 21. Pick your next card wisely!