Solitaire Swift


Solitaire Swift is the latest in a series of classic Solitaire card games. Conquer and unlock levels in the game on any of your networked devices.

You play this game by placing a series of cards either higher or lower than the card on the building stack. Suits and color are irrelevant. Play cards with a key symbol to reveal and unlock additional building stacks.

Solitaire Swift is a bit different from your standard Solitaire game. Extra cards will appear on the screen. These cards will have a tiny key-shaped symbol on them. You can unlock two additional build piles by clicking on these cards to "reveal" them, which will lengthen the game but improve your chances of winning. Additionally, Solitaire Swift has more levels than the original game because it was designed for mobile devices. Additionally, two additional modes will become available after the first round is finished. Solitaire Swift includes a high score feature, like many other mobile games based on classics, so you can track your own performance and get better at the game.


  • Use your mouse.