Solitaire Farm: Seasons


Solitaire Farm: Seasons is a gorgeous TriPeaks card game with over 2000 levels. Sort and clear the cards to complete the puzzles

TriPeaks is a card game in which one or more decks of cards are piled on the table in many imaginative configurations. The majority of the cards are face-down, while the top layer is turned face-up. Your goal is to transfer all of the cards from the tableau to the discard pile. You can play any card with a value that is one point greater or one point lower than the previous card you played.

The TriPeaks puzzle stages and the farm on the level map where you can harvest crops, build a farmhouse, and play mini games to earn boosters are the two elements of this card game.

As you progress around the map, you'll be able to unlock a variety of unique features. Unlock the daily missions panel to complete assignments and collect booster items, as well as spin the Wheel of Fortune to win prizes. You can also enable the homestead construction mode. You can design your own farmhouse and garden here. Attempt to activate every accessible function. You'll also receive incentives by returning to play every day.

Solitaire Farm: Seasons cheats and strategies

Here are some suggestions to help you improve your grade:

If necessary, use the UNDO-button

Because your spare card stack is limited, try not to waste any cards. If you miss a clearing opportunity, the missing playing card will begin to wiggle and wobble in its place. You can redo your turn and clear the card you missed by tapping UNDO a limited number of times.

Obtain streak bonuses.

Earning a streak bonus will allow you to add to your stock of spare cards. Clear any consecutive sequence of five cards, regardless of color, to add one extra card to your supply. However, if you clear a sequence of five cards of the same color, you will receive two extra cards.

You can buy more cards, but should you?

If you run out of moves and spares before the level ends, you'll be offered two options: finish the level or buy more cards. If you're towards the end of the level, it might be worth purchasing 5 more cards, but be cautious! You cannot select which cards you receive, so you may not receive the ones you require. The price will increase every time you need to buy an additional 5 cards!

Make the most of Jokers.

You can also place a Joker on the discard pile. You can then proceed with the card you like. You can earn jokers and reserve them for later use, but you can also buy them with your coins. However, just like with replacement cards, the price of each consecutive joker you purchase will rise, so be cautious. It's sometimes preferable to cut your losses and try the level again.

Take a breather.

You can earn extra money by harvesting crops and playing mini games, but you may eventually run out of money. Harvesting and missions are timed features, so if you run out of cash, you may always take a break and return later to harvest your crops and receive new rewards. Good luck, and enjoy yourself!


  • To select a card, use the left mouse button.