Solitaire Daily Challenge


Solitaire Daily Challenges is a fun and challenging classic card game that anyone can enjoy. You can play Solitaire with challenging levels every day.

How to play

With Solitaire Daily Challenges, you can play the well-known solitaire card game in its Klondike variation right from your hand. Sorting the cards into four piles is the game's objective. Each pile's base card must be an ace, and the pile must be constructed in ascending order from aces to kings. If the value of the top card is exactly one lower and the color is different from the card being moved on, a card-or a group of cards-can be moved to one of the seven columns. Play the free daily challenges in solitaire right now! To increase your chance of earning monthly rewards, return daily and try to complete all of the challenges!

Daily challenges

Three challenges are available to play. Solitaire offers gold, silver, or bronze cups and an extra crown to the winners (s). The varying daily tasks, from simple to difficult: Three card drawings, one card drawing, and one card drawing without hints.

Arena & tournament

You can play in live tournaments with 1-card or 3-card options. Participants in the tournament all have the same cards in the same order. There are options for 2 players and 4 players in multiplayer mode. Participants in a tournament can instantly view the foundations and scores of their rivals. Each game allows players a maximum of three chances to use magic or hints. Every day, players claim magic gifts.

Simple designs

Our game is the easiest to play because we got rid of all the pointless features, and it has simple, clear designs. On top of the traditional card game design, we have added numerous deluxe themes in the meantime.

Game highlights

  • Every day brings new and challenging levels
  • Playing traditional solitaire
  • Mobile phone play optimized