Solitaire 15 in 1


Solitaire 15 in 1 is a collection of free card games that give you all the variations of online card games you could ever want! Join the game now!

Solitaire 15 in 1 has the largest set of Solitaire game modes. Card solitaire, also known as Patience, has been played since the 18th century. Depending on where in the world you are from, different people refer to the card game of solitaire by different names. As a Brit, I would refer to the game as Patience, but if you're from the USA, you probably know it as Solitaire.

Removing every card from the playing field is the aim of every solitaire variation. According to the guidelines for the particular mode, move them to the appropriate pile. The suits or values of the cards are used to arrange them. Each variant has unique rules and permits unique card movements.

Solitaire 15 in 1, as its name suggests, includes fifteen games of solitaire in varying degrees. The following variations of Solitaire are available in the game:

  • Klondike
  • Scorpion
  • Russian
  • Pyramid
  • Freecell
  • Spiderette
  • Yucon
  • Canfield
  • Golf
  • Baker's dozen
  • Single rail
  • Tam O'Shanter
  • Archilles
  • Squadron
  • Josephine


  • 15 different game modes
  • Addictive simplicity
  • Minimalistic visuals