Scorpion Solitaire


Scorpion Solitaire is an entertaining card game in which you have to complete 4 piles of descending cards of the same suit from King to Ace.

Have you ever tried playing this advanced version of a card game? Play it now to have a fresh playing experience. In this game, you have to complete 4 foundation piles of descending cards from King to Ace. They must be of the same suit. On the tableau, you can move any pile of cards as long as the top card is of the same suit and its rank is exactly one less. You can deal the last 3 cards from the stock to the first 3 piles of the tableau. Use the undo feature to reverse the previous move. Try your best to win the game and get the highest possible score.

This game features 3 modes including Easy, Medium, and Hard. Chose one of them and play this game now. Are you a solitaire pro?

Features of Scorpion Solitaire:

  • 3 modes including Easy, Medium, and Hard
  • Easy control
  • Play in fullscreen
  • Beautiful theme and vibrant sound effects

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play