Royal Vegas Solitaire


Royal Vegas Solitaire is a casual poker game with a unique combination of poker and solitaire that brings novelty to the players. Use your wits to win.

Try to play Royal Vegas Solitaire if you're one of the unsung poker stars! Despite not being a standard poker game, this one is a hybrid of poker and solitaire. The object of the game is to arrange the cards on the board so that they form a poker hand, this can be done in any direction, including vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Consider your placement of the cards carefully because you risk missing out on a Straight, Full House, or even a Royal Flush.

It's time to challenge yourself in a fun and novel solitaire game where your goal is to build ladders of color, pairs, trios, and uncommon card combinations to raise your score on a 25-slot board. This thrilling game combines all the benefits of poker with the internal struggle of completing a solitaire! To increase your score, you can join cards in a horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal pattern. To easily increase your points, try to set aside the cards listed on the left side of the game board as soon as they appear in the deck. Have fun and enjoy exercising your brain and cunning!

How to play

By placing cards on the 25 spots on the field, poker hands can be created. For each poker hand, you make, you gain points. By matching all three joker targets, you can unlock the joker. To accomplish this, place a card on a joker target with the same value. It functions like any card. All poker hands can be completed with the joker card. Poker hands are counted when they are across the field in a row, column, or two diagonals.