Poppy Huggie Escape


Poppy Huggie Escape is a horror game in which you are confined in a room with the scary Huggy monster! Find the key to escape before you get killed

Your objective in the difficult horror-themed runner game Poppy Huggie Escape is to attempt to complete every level without dying. You must make every effort to live as the monster Huggy Wuggy pursues you in this game. You must reach the door and gather enough stars or keys to pass a level. If the monster hunting you catches you, if you run into the spikes, if you fall off, or if you reach the door without enough keys, you can lose the game. In this game, dying means you must restart from the very beginning, unlike other games of a similar nature where you can freely select the level after finishing it.

You can exchange them for a different monster skin by gathering enough keys. Huggy Wuggy will automatically start pursuing you while baring his hideous teeth. You can unlock Freddy Fazbear from the popular game Five Nights at Freddy's if you gather 500 keys. With 2000 and 5000 keys, additional monster skins can be unlocked.


  • 2D eerie graphics
  • gloomy setting
  • Simple controls
  • a difficult platform
  • Running action that is automatic


  • The up arrow key can be used to jump, and the down arrow key to slide.