One Cell


One Cell is an interesting card game. Your mission is to use 52 cards on the tableau to build all four foundation piles in ascending order and a suit.

In this game, you have to use all cards on the tableau to build 4 foundations up in ascending sequence from Aces to Kings and a suit. The cards on the tableau are arranged into 8 columns. You can rearrange the cards on the tableau in descending order and in alternating colours. The empty space on the tableau can be filled by a King or a stack starting from a King. Look at a Freecell on the left top of the screen. You can use it as temporary storage. Note that the Freecell can be filled by only one card. Consider carefully before putting a card on it. If you regret it, you can click the Undo button on the right bottom of the screen to reverse your previous move. Keep in mind that you can use this button only 3 times. The allotted time of the game is 30 minutes, so you have to be as to clear all cards on the tableau before time’s up. Try your best to gain the highest possible score and good luck!

Features of One Cell:

  • Simple controls
  • Play in fullscreen
  • Nice 2D graphics and relaxing music tunes

How to play

Use the mouse to play