One Card Game


One Card Game is a fun multiplayer game with simple rules.You have to match cards by color or number and discard them to be the sole winner.

How to play

At the start of the game, you choose a character and play in these fantastic friendly tournaments. A beautifully recreated gaming environment, clear instructions, simple controls, and a wealth of intriguing opponents are all ready to keep your company entertained at any time.

Decide on the amount of people who will attend. Match the cards by color or number to be the first to get rid of them all. Action cards are used to control the game. The next player in line is forced to forgo a turn after drawing two cards. The skip card brings the player to a halt. With the reverse card, the turn is switched to the other way. At any time, a wild card can be placed on any card, changing the color of the card. If you don't press the '1' button when you only have one card left, you'll get two penalty cards.


  • It's a game that's addicting to play.
  • Graphics with a lot of color and vibrancy
  • Details on the game's rules Controls that are simple to use


  • Use mouse to manipulate