Magic Towers Solitaire


Magic Towers Solitaire is a one-of-a-kind solitaire game set in the Middle Ages. By clicking on a card that is one higher or lower than the preceding card, you may remove all cards from the three peaks.

How to play
Magic Towers Solitaire is also known as Three Towers Solitaire.Similar to our standard tri peaks solitaire, the aim of this online solitaire game is to clear the three towers of cards to win a level. When you finish a layout, you'll advance to the next round of the game and start over. To get a better score, attempt to finish as many rounds as you can in a row. If a round cannot be cleared, the game is over.

Cards that are one higher or lower than the visible deck card shown at the bottom can be removed from the arrangement. If the exposed card is an Ace, you can play either a King or a Two. If you are unable to play, select Next Card to reveal the next card.
The wild card can be used on top of any other card at any moment. After then, you may put any card from the layout on top of it.
Only one undo is possible at a time with the undo button.

Hints for Magic Towers Solitaire:
Long card runs result in higher points. You may utilize the wild card to help you out with this.
To maximize your chances of finishing a round, use the wild card carefully. Many individuals suggest that you play the card at the end of a round.
To improve your time bonus, play rapidly.
The undo button allows you to undo one move at a time, and it may be used strategically to help you reveal cards from the deck or the layout that you would otherwise miss.

To remove cards from the tri-peaks or turn the stock, use the left mouse button.