Hot Air Solitaire


Hot Air Solitaire is a solitaire version based on the famous golf solitaire. You will have to clear the cards on the playing field to win this exciting game.

This hot air balloon adventure card/tile game will appeal to players of all ages. Start at the starting flag and move toward the goal. You have a finite amount of fuel, and you have to fly through the sky dodging planes, birds, and lightning. Along the way, collect fuel and repair bonuses. During your journey, unusual items like the shield and looking glass could appear. Wind gusts may cause your balloon to float in all directions, but you must take extreme care to stay clear of the ground's obstacles. Free and portable, this print-and-play solo game is available now. Each game can be played in 3 minutes or less, and setup takes less than a minute (depending on how quickly you can shuffle the tiles).

How to play

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