Halloween Craft


Halloween Craft is a fun adventure with new features to improve your logical and strategic thinking. Enjoy the unusual gameplay and beautiful graphics.

There will be a 5x6 grid with empty cells. There is an open box in the lower part. It contains an item. This thing will appear if you click on any square. After that, the box will contain something else. Your goal is to group at least three identical objects together. They will vanish, leaving behind a new element.

There are ten different things to experiment with. Lollipops, ghosts, and monsters, for example. You have no control over which of them comes next. It's the title's most difficult feature. You will, however, notice some hidden patterns: lollipops and hats appear more frequently.

The items have the ability to transform into something else. Kittens, for example, can transform into a broom. Or transform ghosts into bats. So, when deciding which cell to click on, you can apply logic.

Goals and Levels:

Gaining as many points as you can is your aim. The session ends when you run out of free squares. To make it more interesting, the developers added four levels of complexity.


It is preferable to place different objects at different distances. Especially in the beginning, when there is plenty of room.
Cornerwise, things will not mix. Arrange them in a row or one square lower or upper.

How to play:

To place the item shown in the Next box, tap or click a blank spot on the board.