Granny's House


Granny's House is a horror game where you have to escape from a haunted mansion. Develop and combine your skills to overcome adversaries!

A bizarre rumor about a crazy grandmother who kidnaps kids at night and imprisons them in a run-down house is going about in one particular town. She is rumored to be crueler than any demon and more terrifying than anything from a horror film.

One day, Dorothy, a courageous young child, is abducted and held captive in granny's home. Can you assist Dorothy in overcoming the grandmother and making a safe exit from the unsettling house?

There are three main game modes:

1.Escape Mode - PvP team match (2 Pursuers against 6 Survivors)

Survivor Role

  • Gather three hidden parts to leave the horrible house, then rescue your buddies from the insane granny's jail and escape together!

Pursuer Roles

  • Search the house thoroughly, catch all the kids, then lock them up and prevent them from escaping!
    You win if you lock all of the children in the prison or if no one escapes from the residence.

2. Infection Mode - Individual PvP (2 pursuers and 6 survivors)

  • You are alone in Infection Mode, with no teammates.
  • You are chosen at random to begin as either a Pursuer or a Survivor.
  • When a Pursuer captures a Survivor, their positions are reversed.
  • The fundamental rules remain the same: ESCAPE OR CATCH!

3. PVE Story Mode

  • Choose from six different classes: Bomber, Thrower, Trapper, Puppeteer, Beater, or Healer.
  • Choose your class and work together with your colleagues to defeat the terrifying Pursuers.
  • Win the game by completing each stage with your friends.