Golden Spider Solitaire


Golden Spider Solitaire is a great version of Spider Solitaire. The game made history with previous versions of Windows. This is the game for solitaire fans.

Golden Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular games ever. Despite the fact that spider solitaire achieved its peak popularity when it was released on Windows, the game has a long history, having been played in Europe since at least the seventeenth century. It's fascinating that, like other patient card games, it was played for centuries without computers, using only traditional playing cards. It has been available for a very long time as a Flash game, and now it is also available in HTML5.

How to play

  • If the cards in the tableau are one lower in rank, you can move them to another pile. When building, the card's suit is irrelevant, however, when moving cards, it is important. Cards can only be moved in the correct order if they are all of the same suits.
  • Pressing the stock will deal one additional face-up card to each tableau pile when you are stuck. Golden Spider Solitaire allows this when there are empty columns, contrary to the regular Spider Solitaire rules. Dealing additional cards from the stock is only permitted in standard Spider Solitaire when there are no empty columns.
  • Pressing the hint button prior to dealing cards from the stock can be helpful. If there is a move, it will make known. It should be noted that the suggested moves do not always result in a solution, but you can still use this feature to see if you missed anything.


  • To stack the cards, use the left mouse button to drag.