Gameloft Solitaire


Gameloft Solitaire is a puzzle solitaire game that everyone enjoys! Join us on an exciting journey around the world and have an unforgettable experience.

In the new exciting game Gameloft Solitaire we bring you a solitaire game made in the style of ancient Egypt. In front of you on the screen you will see a playing field that will have two cards at the top. There are several card stacks below them. Your task is to clear the tag field. To do this, you will need to transfer cards from the piles and place them on top according to certain rules. So you will gradually clear the object field. You can draw cards from the help deck if you run out of moves. As soon as you play solitaire, you will earn points for winning the Gameloft Solitaire game and you will move on to the next level of the game.

Gameloft Solitaire is a fantastic way to pass the time. The player rakes in cash or solves the deal as quickly as possible in this completely addictive card game, which is set in a glitzy casino. Until he can put them at the top, he temporarily arranges the cards from King to Ace in an alternate pattern of red and black. Similar to the well-known card game, the rules are straightforward, and the controls are easy to understand, so you can start playing right away and have hours of fun. We always update the best card games to you. Join Solitaire: Zen Earth Edition to conquer all new challenges.


  • To choose a card, click with the left mouse button.