Forty Thieves Solitaire


Forty Thieves Solitaire is a popular solitaire card game that offers many challenges for you. Use two standard 52-card decks to give you the most focused and enjoyable gaming experience

How to play Forty Thieves Solitaire

The goal of Forty Thieves Solitaire is to move all of the cards to the 8 foundation piles in the upper right corner.
Setting Up Forty Thieves Solitaire
Forty Thieves is a card game in which all jokers are removed from two decks of cards. A total of 40 cards are dealt face-up in four-card columns. All of the remaining cards are placed in a waste pile to be used at a later time. Due to the use of two decks, duplicate cards are frequently discovered after the game is set up.


The foundation piles are built in ascending order from Ace to King in the suit. Each foundation begins with an Ace of a specific suit and progresses to its King. So, after an Ace of hearts is placed in a foundation pile, the two of hearts must be placed next, and so on.

The cards can be temporarily held in the middle ten piles while the cards in the foundation piles are built up. You can only move one card at a time, and you can only move a card to a lower and identical suit pile. You can only move a 10 of clubs onto a Jack of clubs, for example.

When a column is empty, you can start it off by moving any single card onto it.

If you can't make a move, click on the facedown deck in the top left corner of the game screen to turn over a new card. You can turn over a single card at a time and place them whenever you want, or if there are no other options available. You can only use the top card from the waste pile, of course.

Resetting the deck is not permitted because you are only allowed to pass through the waste pile once. Forty Thieves Solitaire becomes extremely difficult as a result of this.

If you've used all of the stock cards and can't fit them all on the foundation, you'll have to start over.


Each card that is moved to a foundation earns 500 points. Removing a card from the foundations and placing it in the tableau will cost you 500 points.

There are two bonuses available after completing a round: a time bonus and a round bonus.

The time bonus is determined by the speed with which the round is completed. During a round, the current time is displayed along with the current bonus (gold, silver, or bronze) at the right top of the game. The following are the results:

  • Gold (5 minutes or less): 20,000 points
  • Silver (between 5 minutes and 10 minutes): 10,000 points
  • Bronze (more than 10 minutes): 5,000 points
  • The round bonus equals Round Number × 1,000 points.