Egypt Pyramid Solitaire


Egypt Pyramid Solitaire is an online card game with an ancient Egyptian interface. The pyramids are part of the great decoration for this online solitaire game

If you've never placed before, you'll need to match cards to make a total of 13. Each level must be completed in the time provided. In the righthand side, you'll discover your score, level, and timer. This card game has 40 levels for you to enjoy! After you've completed all 40 levels, check out the High Scores to see whether you're among the best!


To play this solitaire, match up all of the cards in the deck to make a number that adds up to 13. To do so, simply click on the cards, and they will vanish. When you don't find an available pair, use the deck at the bottom and click on it. Queen and Ace, Jack and 2, 10 and 3, 9 and 4, 8 and 5, and 7 and 6 are all viable partnerships. The kings are dealt with individually. You have the option to undo if you become stuck, but you will lose your score. The game can also be restarted simply clearing the board.