Double Solitaire


Double Solitaire is a two-player card game of patience. Your goal is to be the first to remove all of the cards from your tableau and achieve a high score.

A standard deck of 104 cards is used to play this game. The deck has two sides to it. The Foundation, Stockpile, and Tableau are the three components of each side. Additionally, each player uses 52 cards during play. The Tableau has 28 cards organized into 7 columns. The Stockpile is filled with the remaining cards. The Foundation is the eight blank spaces to the right of the screen. Are you a card game enthusiast? Solitaire 2022 satisfies your needs.


This game lets you compete against the CPU, in contrast to Casino Blackjack where you must play against the dealer. Before your opponent does so, you must move all of your cards from the tableau to the foundation piles. You can move your cards to any foundation on the right side of the screen because you and your opponent share all foundations. From Aces to Kings and a suit, each foundation pile must be arranged in ascending order.

Within the tableau, a movable card or a pile of cards can be placed on a card that has a higher rank and an opposite color. The Eight of Hearts, for example, can be placed on the Nine of Spades. When you clear a column, you can replace it with a King or a stack of cards beginning with a King.

You can find the buried card in the stock if there are no more movable cards. Make every effort to be the first player to remove every card from our tableau. Keep in mind that you only have 10 minutes, so you must move quickly. If you successfully move a card from the tableau to the foundation, you will receive 50 points. Try your hardest to outscore your opponent in points.


There are leaderboards for this game that show the names of the top players along with their scores on a daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time basis. You can submit your score after winning to find out where you stand on the leaderboard. Make every effort to achieve the highest score and the top rank.