Daily Solitaire


Daily Solitaire is an entertaining solitaire game in which you have to stack all cards in ascending order from Aces to Kings into 4 piles to get a victory.

Are you ready to leap into the solitaire world? Click to play Daily Solitaire now! This classic solitaire game is super easy to play. First of all, you have to build four foundation piles with Ace. Each foundation has its own suit. Then try to place all cards on the tableau on the top of four piles in ascending order from Aces to Kings. Each pile must be of the same suit. Cards on the tableau can be placed on cards that are higher than them in value and has the opposite color. Uncover the card on the stockpile if you run out of moves.

Play Daily Solitaire every day to earn a monthly bonus. The degree of difficulty of the game increases day by day.

Features of Daily Solitaire:

  • Varying degrees of difficulty
  • Month bonus (up to +3000 score)
  • Bright graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play