Crescent Solitaire 2


Crescent Solitaire 2 is a card game in which your goal is to transfer all of the cards from the outer piles to the central foundation areas.

How to play

  • You must transfer all of the cards from the 16 outer table piles to the eight middle piles. To stack the deck, the four upper piles must be built in descending order from the king to the ace of the same suit.
  • You can move cards between piles to make moves, and if you get stuck, you can use the reshuffle feature to completely mix up the decks. However, you can only use this feature three times. Best wishes!

Game Features

  • A fresh take on an old favorite.
  • Select several different combinations.
  • Controls are simple, requiring only a mouse click.
  • Be the fastest crescent solitaire solver by beating the clock!
  • Fullscreen mode is available.


  • To move a card, drag the left mouse button.