Canuckle is a challenging puzzle game about things related to Canada. Your task is to use the on-screen keyboard to type letters in the empty box.

You will play this game with a 5x6 grid and a virtual keyboard. You will enter letters in each cell horizontal. It could be five-letter words that you think could be keywords. You will have six guesses. Each time you guess, you will enter the letter in the horizontal row and then press Enter button. You will see the crosswords will change color. Gray tiles mean the selected letter cannot be used in today's puzzle. Yellow means the letter selected is included in today's puzzle but is in the wrong place. Red is the included letter and is in the correct position. Based on these data, guess the keyword that you think is accurate. Filter the data intelligently to remove unselected letters. To win, in the sixth row, you must give the correct answer to this puzzle.

This is an exciting puzzle game for those who love Canada. You will not receive any data to suggest an answer. All you need to do is use your creativity and data analysis abilities. After each correct answer, you will learn one more interesting thing about this country through keywords. Good luck.

Tips for Canuckle:

  • Use any word you can think of in the first five rows.
  • Filter out the highlighted red words in the upper row.
  • Find the words containing the letter in the correct position and fill in the space.
  • Change the position of the yellow squares in the next guess.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.