Canfield Solitaire


Canfield Solitaire is an engaging card game. In this game, you must arrange the cards according to the system's requirements and not exceed the allotted time.

13 cards will be put into a reserve pile, the top card facing up and the other cards facing down. The first foundation pile receives one card, which serves as the lead rank during the game. Four tableau piles each receive four cards are also dealt. The remaining cards are put away, creating a stockpile that can be played one or three cards at a time in a waste pile. After all, cards have been dealt to the discard pile, and they can restart.

You must build down in alternate colors, wrapping from Ace to King if necessary in tableau piles. The first card is dealt for a tableau pile that can be played to the foundation. The empty tableau is first filled by the top card from the reserve pile. If the reserve pile is empty, then the top card from the waste pile can be played. All cards in a tableau pile can be moved from one unit to another tableau pile. Foundation piles are built up by suit from King to Ace.

Features of Canfield Solitaire:

  • There is a timer, so your time is limited.
  • There are not many hints for you to use.
  • You can press Undo to go back to the previous step.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play.