Apple Worm


Apple Worm helps you to recall the original Snake game. The rules which remain the same are to eat enough apples, get through the hole, and pass the level.

The game is a brainteaser game. It sometimes will shut your brain down when playing high levels with challenging tasks. Luckily, you can play it as many times as you want. You can find an intelligent strategy for yourself from the failures in this game. Your main task is to eat apples to make the snake's length longer, then overcome the complex terrain of the maze and continue to go to the black hole. Once you have reached the black hole, you have gained the victory. The victory is not long before you rush to solve the next level. In later levels, the difficulty increases gradually, and you will have more headaches in solving all of them. There are up to 30 different levels for you to try. Good luck.

The benefits of Apple Worm

  • The game helps you train your brain because you will have to think, hesitate, and even fail many times to win and go to the next level. Play until you find all the answers to the levels.
  • The increasing difficulty of the game will excite you. You will not be able to stop playing and just keep playing until all the problems are solved.
  • The game helps you relieve stress and entertain in your idle time.

How to play

Use arrow keys to control.